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Thalassemia Western Consortium


Thalassemia specialty care centers in the Western United States

The Thalassemia Western Consortium (TWC) is a regional network of 11 thalassemia treatment centers in the Western United States. The Consortium aims to establish collaborative thalassemia standards of care, collect data on thalassemia services and outcomes, and reach hematologists outside of their group. The Consortium met in November 2018 for its fourth annual meeting in San Diego.

Consortium Activities:

  1. Developing standards for blood transfusion in thalassemia.
  2. Developing guidelines for managing hemoglobin H disease.
  3. Promoting adoption of the Thalassemia Management Checklists.
  4. Data collection for federally-funded thalassemia projects (Health Resources and Services Administration; Centers for Disease Control).
  5. Outreach to physicians caring for patients with thalassemia through educational activities and meetings.
Web Site Center Name and Address Contact Info Physicians Clinic Staff
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: Fred Hutch / Seattle Children's / UW Medicine
825 Eastlake Ave. E, PO Box 19023
Seattle, WA 98109-1023

Clinic: (206) 606-7400

Clinic Coordinator: (206) 606-1260

Fax: (206) 606-1290

Email: pccheme@seattlecca.org

Referrals: seattlecca.org/referrals

• Sioban Keel, MD

• Kleber Fertrin, MD, PhD

Clinical Nurse Coordinator:

• Amanda Weatherford, MSN, RN, OCN

OHSU ped OHSU adult


Trisha Wong, MD

Jolene Taylor, RN

Cheslea Kaye, MSW

Oregon Health and Sciences University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239

Pediatric Clinic: (503) 418-5150

Adult Clinic: (503) 494-6594

Pediatric Hematologists:

• Kristina Haley, DO

• Melinda Wu, MD, MCR

• Mike Recht, MD, PhD

• Trisha Wong, MD, MS

Adult Hematologists:

• Tom Deloughery, MD

• Jody Kujovich, MD

• Merav Sendowski, MD

• Joe Shatzel, MD

Pediatric RN:

• Jolene Taylor, RN

Social Worker:

• Cheslea Kaye, MSW

UC Davis Medical Center
2279 45th Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
Clinic: (916) 734-5959

• Jo Chung, MD

Clinical Nurse Coordinator:

• Michelle Adams, RN

Ashutosh Lal, MD

Lynne Neumayr, MD

Titi Singer, MD

Mark Walters, MD

Elliott Vichinsky, MD

Anne Rishon

Wendy Murphy, LCSW

Lisa Du

Meghan Foe

Robert Yamashita, PhD

Raquel Manzo

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
Hematology/Oncology Division
747 52nd Street
Oakland, CA 94609

Clinic: (510) 428-3347


• Ashutosh Lal, MD

• Lynne Neumayr, MD

• Titi Singer, MD

• Mark Walters, MD

• Elliott Vichinsky, MD

Nurse Practitioner:

• Anne Rishon, PNP

Social Worker:

• Wendy Murphy, LCSW

Clinical Coordinator:

• Raquel Manzo

Study Coordinator:

• Lisa Du

Outreach Coordinator:

• Meghan Foe

Outreach Director:

• Robert Yamashita, PhD

Craig Forrester, MD

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco
1975 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Clinic: (415) 353-2986

Appointments: (415) 514-5762

Fax: (415) 514-5868

• Craig Forester, MD, PhD

Nurse Practitioner:

• Laura Quill, RN, MS, CPNP

Social Worker:

• Michelle Wright, MSW

Admin Assistant:

• Judith Flores

Michael Jeng, MD

Jennifer Andrews, MD

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford
Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders
725 Welch Road, Suite 150
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Clinic: (650) 497-8953

• Bertil Glader, MD, PhD

• Michael Jeng, MD

• Clara Lo, MD

• Jennifer Andrews, MD

• Anu Narla, MD

Nurse Practitioners:

• Judie Lea, PNP

• Nancy Lea, PNP

• Kirsten Mouradian, FNP

Valley Children's Hospital
Thalassemia Program
9300 Valley Children's Place
Madera, CA 93636
Clinic: (559) 353-5460

Thalassemia Coordinator:

• Latha Rao, MD

Hematology/Oncology Director:

• Vinod Balasa, MD

Nurse Practitioner:

• Terea Giannetta, DNP, CPNP, FAANP

Children's Hospital of Orange County
1201 W. La Veta
Orange, CA 92868

M-F 9am-5pm: (714) 509-8459

After hours: (866) 833-2811

Director, Hemoglobinopathy Program:

• Geetha Puthenveetil, MD

Clinic Coordinator and Case Manager:

• Melissa Belvedere, RN, BSN

Center for Inherited Blood Disorders CIBD
1010 W. La Veta Avenue, Suite #670
Orange, CA 92868
Clinic: (714) 221-1200

• Diane Nugent, MD

• Susan Claster, MD

Clinical Nurse Coordinator:

• Khanh Pham, RN, BSN

Alan Ikeda, MD

Jordan Lipio, CCRP

The Alliance for Childhood Diseases
Cure 4 The Kids Foundation
One Breakthrough Way, Suite #300
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Clinic: (702) 732-1493

• Joseph Lasky III, MD

• Kanyalakshmi Ayyanar, MD

• Nik Abdul Rashid, MD

• Waseem Alhushki, MD

• Alan Ikeda, MD

Nurse Practitioner:

• Jennifer Buitrago, APRN

Clinical Research Associate:

• Jordan Lipio, CCRP

William Roberts, MD

Jenny Kim, MD

Jenny Kim, MD

Jennifer Yu, MD

Rady Children's Hospital San Diego
Peckham Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders
Acute Care Pavilion, 2nd Floor
3010 Children's Way
San Diego, CA 92123

Thalassemia Case Manager: (858) 966-6709

Chief, Hematology/Oncology:

• William Roberts, MD


• Jenny Kim, MD

• Courtney Thornburg, MD

• Jennifer Yu, MD

Nurse Practitioner:

• Christina Killian-Benigno, NP

Social Worker:

• Anne Wiklund


• Anke Reineke, PhD, BCIAC

Sanjay Shah, MD

Esteban Gomez, MD

Christina Knoll, MD

Lori Wagner, FNP

Angela Gianotti, BSN, MS, FNP-C

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
1919 E. Thomas Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Clinic: (602) 933-0920

• Sanjay Shah, MD

• Esteban Gomez, MD

• Christine Knoll, MD

• Jonanna Gendreau, DO

Nurse Practitioners:

• Lori Wagner, FNP

• Angela Gionotti, BSN, MS, FNP-C

• Britt Olson, PNP

Clinical Nurse Coordinator:

• Darcie Drollinger, RN, BSN, CPON

Revised 11/6/2020

Northern California Comprehensive Thalassemia Center
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
747 52nd Street, Oakland CA 94609   •   Phone: (510) 428-3347   •   Fax: (510) 450-5647
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